Saturday, April 15, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Technology, like females, hates me.

My iPod earphones died on Friday. I picked them up and the left earpiece simply fell apart. RIP earphones.

Of more concern (since I don't have a spare) is that my power cord for my computer ceased functioning. The AC adaptor box is emitting a high pitched beeping noise and I watched as my computer's battery died before my eyes, despite being plugged into the socket. It's aggrevating not having access to your computer when you know there's nothing wrong with the actual machine. Luckily I pulled my files off before the battery died so shouldn't fail any classes due to a dead computer. However this does add to my list of Dell malfunctions: replaced CD drive, replaced hard drive, replaced processor, replaced fan, currently malfunctioning fan, currently malfunctioning battery and now dead power cord. The only thing I can say to support Dell is that all replacements have been covered in my warrantee and todays phone call was a record 20 minutes, with service survey.

This problem could stop postings for the next week or so, or I may be a nerd and do it from other people's computers. This post would indicate the latter.

Song of the moment: nothing, my computer's dead!

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figure it out said...

hey at least we know that not all Dell's are bad ;)