Monday, April 17, 2006

My Food-centric Life

I awoke from my 35 minutes of sleep on Friday morning and stumbled my way through the day. Once I got off work at 5 (luckily it was a slow day) I decided to reward my near-all-nighter with some food. Heck, if I’m not dating anymore I can spend twice as much on myself right? So I not only went to Pudding on the Rice, but also went to Sweet’s Luau. After some careful analysis I determined that it was much more cost-effective to buy the largest rice pudding and eat it for a week than pay a dollar less for the normal sized portion. I was relieved to see that they’ve put in seating, though it looks eerily like the milk bar from Clockwork Orange. I received a huge portion of raspberry rice pudding, which I will still be eating several days from now.

Unfortunately my financial wizardry didn’t work so well as Sweets. I again decided I should buy the 7 dollar triple plate and have it to eat for a couple days. My previous experience with Hawaiian food lead me to believe that 7 dollars would be a massive portion, but I was sadly mistaken. The Kalua pork, Katsu chicken and Lauau were all good, but I easily ate it in one sitting.

Saturday was pretty much the best day ever because I got 2 free meals. I dragged myself out of bed at 11 (lazy yes, but I was making up for the previous sleepless night) to get some free pizza from my ward. Nothing like BBQ chicken pizza to start your day off right. I followed up this free meal with free barbeque that night, also thanks to the ward. Free food = happiness.

Sunday we drove to Vernal to eat Easter dinner with my sister. We did some other things with her, but dinner was certainly the focus. It was very tasty, and nearly free, though the 5 hours driving a couple days before finals were less than desirable.

And now today I’m preparing to drive to Alpine (about a half hour away), my only motivation being, other than it’s part of my church calling, to get free food. Sister Pearce is notorious for preparing huge amounts of near-gourmet food for the students that make the trip to Alpine, and we were chosen to go this month. So it will eat up another couple hours of precious study time, but I will certainly be full. There had better be stuffed mushrooms, or it could get ugly.

Song of the moment: “Fly That Knot” Talib Kweli featuring MF Doom.

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