Tuesday, April 25, 2006

SVU Crack

I still haven't taken my Neurobio test, but have watched 4 episodes of Law and Order SVU (Special Victims Unit) in the last three days. I'm pretty much incapable of turning the channel if I run across it on tv. This really isn't a good condition to be in, not only because the show is exclusively about brutal sex crimes, but because it's greatly hindering my graduation. Am I a bad person for liking this show? Perhaps. But if so USA is downright diabolical for airing it a million times a day.

But what can I say? The cops in SVU rock. I like all 4 regular policemen, the commissioner (or whatever the head guy's title is) and even the DA. It's the all-star team of crime shows. I can't sit through five minutes of any other L&O, CSI or any other member of the genre. The show should be depressing, but is instead riveting. Evidently the rest of the nation agrees since there are so many of these programs.

I also have found that I enjoy Rescue Me on FX. I'm not terribly interested in firefighting, but I am fascinated by Dennis Leary. No one emits pure venom like quite like him, and yet he's endearing. He's pretty much my role model.

Song of the moment: "Lucky Me" Sarah Slean


Anonymous said...

Nothing says entertaining like brutal sex crimes.

Amy-Alisa said...

SVU is also my favorite 'Law and Order', although I also love "Eger-suit" on Criminal Intent and his partner, but I can never seem to catch those. SVU is often disgusting and distrubing, yet I keep watching. It's a sick, sick world. But I love Dr. Wong.

Anonymous said...

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