Monday, April 03, 2006

Serenity Now!

I decided on Sunday to avoid the whole game playing ritual that’s been instituted in our ward.  Basically three of four apartments have game night every Sunday (almost always girls apartments, I guess as a form of counterdating) and people play party games or board games or whatever.  I participate fairly often, but have lost most of my motivation to do so.  My overdramatic analogy for my roommates is that I’ve been emotionally castrated.  There’s no possible way I’ll hook up with anyone at this point, so there’s no actual point to dating or flirting.  I still go and do things, even dates, just for the superficial fun factor.  But nothing will come of it so I can just as easily lose the motivation and occupy myself in other ways that seem more enjoyable at the time.  This was an extremely long introduction to explain why I watched Serenity on Sunday.

For those of you not in the know, there was once a TV show called Firefly.  It was basically a western in space.  The idea is not terribly novel, but it was pulled off very well.  I’ve only seen a handful of episodes but I’ve enjoyed them all.  The show was cancelled after it’s first season, but strong DVD sales and fan interest allowed them to justify making a movie which hit theaters last year I believe.  This is Serenity, and might I add that it was awesome.

Basically the movie was a two-part episode, with better special effects and some finality for the series.  I won’t go into the plot, since it’s not easily summarized.  For me the main appeal of the show is the characters, who are each quite interesting in their own respects.  It was great to see them get together in a last adventure.  I’d love to see another movie or series, but have no expectations of this occurring.  But if this was in fact their last hurrah, it was hurrafic.  I’ll give away the vague spoiler that some characters die.  I was so mad when a favorite of mine bit it.  I was more emotionally attached to these characters than any movie I’ve seen recently.  I doubt the effect would be nearly as powerful had I not seen the series previously, but I still think it’s worth noting.

If you’ve seen and liked Firefly then Serenity is a must see.  If you have a means of seeing the show first, I’d highly recommend doing so before viewing the film.  But even if you can’t I still think you’ll enjoy the ride that is Serenity.  It’s even tempting me to see Slither just so I can one of the actors at work in something else.  And that’s saying something.

Song of the moment: “Love Cliché” Bran Van 3000  


ellie o said...

I have heard of the pressure felt by BYU coeds approaching graduation--the feeling that their "last chance" is fleeing away, but I had not thought to see it equally strong on the male side--it clearly is, I note from the recurring alusions in the last couple of months. Not knowing you, (except by your articulate, witty, and utterly bizarre postings) I still will venture to predict that you are not destined for eternal solitude, but will stumble upon joy (or she will stumble upon you) when you are anxiously engaged elsewhere and have stopped focusing on it. Relax--you are trying too hard.

ps So tell me who has broken your heart and I will scratch her eyes out for you.

Catherine Elizabeth said...

I wholeheartedly second the positive review of Serenity. I greatly enjoyed watching the series Firefly, and the movie was the best topper ever! Highly enjoyable, and a little tear-jerking as well.
PS Who's in Slither?

Erin said...

Hurrah for Firefly! I was just telling Catherine the other day I wish we had the series to watch again. The Thomasons have it and need to watch it and then share the love!