Sunday, April 09, 2006

Double Feature

In the noble pursuit of doing zero homework and the lesser goal of being social (I watched both with groups) I saw two movies tonight.

The first was The Chronicles of Narnia.  I realize I may be the last person in the world to see it, but it wasn’t too high on my priority list.  And although it certainly wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t anything great either.  The comparison to Lord of the Rings is inevitable, but the fact is that LOTR does everything better than this did.  The movie seemed far too long and the effects occasionally looked cheap.  But for me the biggest problem was that I didn’t like any of the kids.  I wanted the queen to kill each and every one of them.  The wisecracking Beaver and the fox were really the only good characters that I wanted to survive.  In order to make the experience more enjoyable my friends and I resorted to playing Mystery Science Theater with it.  This adds to most movie viewings.

The other movie was the less reputable Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.  If you’re not familiar with this movie, they cut and pasted scenes from two old kung fu movies with some new material and redubbed all the voices.  Every character but one were dubbed by the same guy, who was also the writer, director and star of the movie.  Of the two I much preferred this one.  It was horrendously stupid; if you can’t handle Three Amigos don’t even attempt to watch this film.  But the jokes are nearly constant, and about 1/3 of them are hilarious.  That’s not a great ratio, but it still means that I laughed out loud more often in this movie than most comedies I see.  If you watch expecting it to be the dumbest thing you’ve ever witnessed, you won’t be disappointed and will laugh all the way through.

Song of the moment: “Youth and Beauty Brigade” The Decemberists.

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