Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Metro Training Center

Today at the MTC I saw four Elders in a row with pink ties.  I’m not going to bother statistically analyzing that for you, but the point is that is far too high of a frequency.

I admit that I own one tie that has pink in it (along with green and blue.)  If I were more metro I could even defend it that it’s not pink, but salmon.  Though if I were more metro, I probably wouldn’t feel the need to defend my ownership of a pink tie.  In any event, I bought it for a dollar in China, so feel little guilt over the investment.  

Missionaries are supposed to be conservative!  All you missionaries that are reading this, send your pink ties home and pray that being girly is still in style when you get home so you can use them once again.  Missionary ties should only fall into two categories, neither of which is metro or stylish.

  1. So conservative that they will blend in and match with any suit you could ever possibly wear.

  2. Incredibly ugly, to be worn at Zone Conference and traded with other missionaries.

I have spoken.  As a dry cleaning employee for the MTC I am officially an expert on such things.

Song of the day: “The Sounds of Science” The Beastie Boys

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Amy-Alisa said...

Very odd indeed. It does seem like they would encourage more conservative color choices. But they definitely do not have to be as ugly as possible. It could be distracting. And you are not there to distract.