Friday, April 21, 2006

Is That Your Finals Answer?

Wow, have I not been productive lately. I realize that I’m not the studying machine of the century, but the complete absence of studying on both my reading days was more than I had intended. But I have been pretty busy. Here are some midweek highlights:

Scone Party – Falon loves making scones, and we love eating them, so we had a scone party Wednesday morning. It was perhaps the least healthy breakfast event ever. But oh-so tasty.

Film Fest: Part Deux – We had a dessert night/ movie watching event on Tuesday. I wasn’t planning on attending, but got out of my tests early enough to make an appearance. We watched a couple ward movies that hadn’t made it to the film fest a couple weeks back, which were fairly entertaining. Certainly no Swicket movie though.

Toga Party – I must say that this was an ill-conceived event. I’m quite sure that Toga Parties require alcohol to work properly. Joey and I weren’t even going to wear togas (I sadly left mine in NY) but the girls came over and made it clear that we were attending and we were wearing togas. We left when they started to watch Hercules in favor of the far superior 28 Days Later, which I bought for five dollars.

Movie marketing – I started making copies of my movie and selling them for a dollar. I sold 8 last night at the Toga party, and guestimate that I’ll need to burn another dozen or so. I’m particularly proud of the movie cover, which of course I made yesterday instead of studying.

As you can see, studying has yet to be accomplished. But since my first final is in 3 hours, I think I’m about ready to begin.


Catherine Elizabeth said...

I'll put in my order for the SWKT movie. Do you accept personal checks?

too_intensified said...

Where did you get 28 Days Later for five dollars? I really want that movie and five dollars is too good to pass up.

too_intensified said...
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