Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weekend warrior

I suppose I should some type of an update about my actual life, as opposed to odd musings and recommendations.

On Groundhog’s day I planned to have a movie night.  Unfortunately I neglected to advertise the said advent until late the evening before.  The combination of poor communication and poor timing (it fell on Thursday, which tends to be a heavier homework night) led to extremely poor turnout.  But this meant I had a steady supply of donuts (the only food I purchased for the event) for the next few days.

Friday my date and I went to L&L, which I always enjoy.  I realize that it’s just Hawaiian fastfood as opposed to my normal American, but it still seems exotic to me.  Afterwards we went to see Howl’s Moving Castle at the International Cinema.  It’s not my favorite Miyazaki, but I think it’s probably his funniest.  We had expected to see it in Japanese (my date was Japanese) but they only had the English version available.  But Billy Crystal makes an amusing Calcifer so I didn’t mind too much.

Saturday morning Joey and I made breakfast for an apartment of girls in our ward.  As always we didn’t plan the timing correctly and consequently were in the kitchen half the time.  But it was pretty fun.  I made up a special menu for the occasion which I’ll post since it amuses me.  

Saturday night was our attempted bon-fire.  Unfortunately the weather decided not to cooperate and we ended up staying inside the whole time.  But we watched The 3 Amigos, which I hadn’t seen in many years and still greatly enjoy.

Next week begins midterms, though I’m firmly in denial as to their existence.  Luckily my English-heavy schedule means several classes won’t have them or will have especially easy ones.  

Current song: “Hide and Seek” Imogen Heap    

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ellie O said...

Your attachment to Three Amigos deeply disappoints. Please tell me that its appeal is simply nostalgic, fond recollection of the halcyon days of pre-adolescence.