Monday, February 20, 2006

Paradise (ie vacation) Lost

The last few days have been something of a blur, and I don’t even have any drugs to blame it on.  I think this is mostly because I’ve had relatively few important scheduled events and a great many minor spontaneous ones.  All in all this has kept me quite busy while still maintaining the illusion of having a lot of free time.

I had to stay late at work on Friday because I was the only one working.  Technically it’s against the rules for me to drive the truck around when I don’t have a co-driver, but my supervisors don’t seem to really care about these safety regulations.  Of course this is BYU, who had me drive the truck to my truck driving course on the first day.  This course involved a dozen other drivers, all with zero experience, driving around the same parking lot trying not to hit each other.  Oh the joys of owning your own insurance company.  So anyway, I had to do all the work myself so ended up working an hour or so later than usual.  More money for me and I didn’t have any plans until the late evening so it worked fine.  Becca and I had a Sealab and Family Guy marathon that evening which was pretty fun.  Now that she’s been initiated to Sealab she can join in the myriad of inside jokes that Chris, Joey and I share.  

Mallory and I initiated some collegiate Saturday Morning Cartoons the next morning.  We also watched a couple Family Guys eps, along with an episode of Cowboy Bebop.  The combination went perfectly with the Captain Crunch we shared (with Crunch Berries!)  I followed this with a trip to California Pizza Kitchen with the siblings Provo, which was better than I had expected.  They have always spoken highly of this restaurant, but I’d never actually been.  The Thai Chicken at least was quite tasty.  I intended on having the leftovers last a couple days, but I had devoured the whole thing by the end of the day.  Later that day Eric and I attended a cello recital of a mutual friend (it’s somehow odd to me that my brother and I have mutual friends considering the nearly 6 year difference between us) after which he promptly disappeared.  Instead of studying as I probably should I went bowling with a bunch of my ward mates.  I had considered doing a movie night, but decided that Homer’s advice that “Watching stuff is better than doing stuff” isn’t always correct.  Bowling was quite enjoyable, mostly because we changed each others’ names on the scoreboard attempting to distract the other bowlers every couple minutes.  We got into a snowball fight on the way home which ended up taking about an hour.  As with nearly every snowball fight in history, there was no clear winner.  

As a direct result of the snowball fight several girls piled snow in front of my door at 2:55 in the morning Sunday.  This was revenge for my act of putting a snowball in one of their purses.  I know the time because I happened to still be awake and watched them do it through the peephole in my door.  It really wasn’t an inconvenience at all for me, but I did get reprimanded by my landlord for being involved in a prank war (which isn’t the case seeing as previous pranks were directed at my roommate Robert and not myself.)  

Sunday was quite busy, but nothing terribly interesting occurred.  Hometeaching, fireside, choir practice, church and a movie with a friend filled the day pretty effectively.  Monday was likewise busy, and likewise of little interest to anyone else.  A ward breakfast, FHE and other general socializing filled my time.  And now the last real vacation of the semester is over.  Why don’t we have Spring Break!  Curse you BYU.  Tomorrow school begins anew and there is no end in sight until April.

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