Saturday, February 25, 2006


Today is the one year anniversary of Hugh Nibley’s death.  By today I really mean yesterday, since it is 2:30 in the morning, but none of you were keeping track of the days anyway so it doesn’t really matter that much.  I wasn’t keeping track either, but since his daughter teaches my class she reminded us of the fact.  It wasn’t that she stood up and said “My father, Hugh Nibley, died a year ago today.  Honor his memory.  Or else.”  She was actually rather circumspect about it, as she has been all semester.  In fact she has still yet to mention his name.  But we’re watching a play dealing with death and dying (W;t, for the thespians among you) and she excused herself from the last ten minutes or so.  So I thought I’d post my memorial to Brother Nibley.

On my mission I was known to say “Hugh Nibley is my prophet” from time to time.  Blasphemous yes, but amusing if you understand the Charleton Heston reference.  And especially amusing among Idahoans, who I’d venture have a higher NRA membership than the national average.  There is almost no truth behind this statement, since I have in fact never read a Hugh Nibley book.  They seem to cost about 10 times more than books of comparable size.  Perhaps Nibley was 10 times smarter than other authors, but this still put them out of my price range.  Since I’ve only read articles and research snippets, I’m obviously not much of a devotee.  The kernel of truth behind the sacrilegious comment was that I often prefer the academia and intellectual doctrine that Nibley was famous for over the more “sentimental” teaching style of many general authorities.  Of course I sustain them as being chosen by God to represent Him here on the earth, but that doesn’t mean I always favor their teaching style.  This is why I created my scholastic first presidency of Nibley, Talmage and Madsen.  Also to annoy my companions, who wouldn’t travel with me in lightening storms.

So today I bid you a fond farewell Brother Nibley.  You’re a far smarter man than I’ll ever be, despite choosing to live in Utah.  

Song of the day: “Elysium” by Hans Zimmer, from the Gladiator Soundtrack

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