Saturday, February 11, 2006

Good news for people that like bad news

Oh my poor blog.

Leaving a blog alone for a week is hardly a crime, but after giving it unhealthy mountains of attention in its first week, this second week of silence must have been pretty devastating.  But it hasn’t been the best week for me either so I guess it’s representative for me.  There were of course many good things about this week, but listing the bad events will better serve the theme of this post.

I wasn’t accepted to Ohio State.  This wouldn’t be a big deal, but they were annoying about it.  They sent me an email on Tuesday telling me my application status had changed.  I immediately went to their site to see the response, and it said I’d have to wait 24 hours to see the change.  Curse them!  So I wait 24 hours and then check the site again.  They changed my status from Under Evaluation to Pending Decision.  Why inform me of this change?  It’s the same thing!  So I’ll just have to keep waiting.

My iPod died.  It became permanently locked in the hold position on Wednesday.  So I was without music until today, when I was able to have it repaired.  Thankfully fixing it only cost 15 bucks.  It also only took 3 minutes, which made me think I need to get into the iPod repair business.  Unfortunate consequences of not having an iPod for a week included having to listen to country music at work and not being able to play music for my Lit presentation.

The girl I was most avidly pursuing isn’t interested in me.  2 Weeks of anticipation down the drain.  Certainly not a crushing blow, but a setback nonetheless.  

I had my first confrontation with my ex.  This wasn’t horrible either, but wasn’t the most pleasant thing I can think of doing.  After a couple hours of talking (our modus operandi) we determined that we are definitely not getting back together (another norm) and will probably not communicate in any major way (which has been the case since our last split.)  Of course the real tragedy of the evening was that I missed Lost because of this conversation.

I took my first test in almost a year.  The last exam I took was the MCAT last April until my Advanced Neurobio midterm on Thursday.  I suppose the vacation could only last so long.

My hair is turning grey.

So altogether, not the best few days of my life.  On the plus side:

I did well on my test, I had a great date on Friday, I’ve got a score of 7.6 out of 10 on Hot or Not, I’m now an official employee of Schooled magazine, I think my upcoming Love Sucks party will be a big hit and my writing class loved my latest short story.  Plus I didn’t die.

Current song: “Why Don’t you Get a Job” by the Offspring


Emily said...

Talking for a few hours about wether or not to continue having a non-relationship is an interesting activity for 2 people decidedly not in a relationship. Most people do it the other way: while they are in the relationship they occassionally talk about wether or not to continue it.

Glad your bad news was not so bad.

Erin said...

Your hair is turning gray? Join the club and chock it up to genetics! Over Christmas, some of us older kids were discussing why the younger set didn't seem to have that problem. Maybe it's just catching up to them later than it did for some of us.

The Rachel in the Dell said...

I wonder if you actually read these. hey i guess i'll find out won't i. So i was looking at your Blog and i realized you made a few classic mistakes that any writer should know better than to make. First you lied. you can't lie in a blog, that's against the commandments of the internet, they told me yesterday. Maybe you just didn't know the truth which brings me to your second mistake. See any good writer knows that you have to check with the actual source, not the sources roommates boyfriend. (not that he didn't think his information was factual but it may have been off the mark.) that is just silly, if you want fact then talk to the one involved. if you figure out what i mean you can call me, if not you are much less smart then this blog insinuates.
ps: i liked your story about the roommates, quite entertaining and eerily accurate.