Saturday, February 25, 2006

Twalk Amongst Yourselves

So I’m feeling tremendously nerdy that this is my 4th post in 12 hours.  But I thought I’d better get this up ASAP.

My next article assignment is due in a week, and I need some help.  What are ways to get rid of stress during finals week?  Schooled has given up on me being factual in my articles (I’d much rather be a humorist than a journalist) so your suggestions are going to constitute my research.  Let me know.

Song of this portion of the day: “Bury my Lovely” October Project


Erin said...

One semester my roommates and I turned on some music on my computer, turned off the lights and danced to the light of the computer screen. Don't scoff, it did the trick (and is a fun memory of life in the dorms).

Catherine Elizabeth said...

Yeah, dance parties are always good. Also, when pulling an all nighter, it's good to make a run for any of the following:
taco bell
sconecutter (milkshakes)
7-11 (big gulp)
Leaving the apartment in and of itself is re-energizing, and if you bring back some sort of treat, that might get you through 2-3 more hours.

Ellie O said...

Food, in its varied forms and quantities, has always been the answer for me too. It may not reduce stress but it makes it more tolerable to be sure. (It's simply a wonder that I remain so svelte after my years of finals).