Thursday, February 16, 2006

LS3: Don't get S.A.D. Get Even.

LS3 has come and gone. It was a fairly strenuous week since I had 3 exams to take on Monday and Tuesday, followed immediately by the party Tuesday night. Wednesday didn’t help any with an additional quiz and several homework assignments. But it’s finally blessed Thursday and I get to relax a bit.

Love Sucks 3 went well I think. Claudia came over a couple hours before the party and we got everything ready in time. In addition to our dead flowers and bitter candies from last year we added mean Valentines to the wall. I thought up most of them while at work during the week, but had a couple last minute strokes of genius. Neither of us had any experience with balloons and streamers, but we had the apartment suitably black and blue by the time people started coming at 8.

Using my amazing statistical skills I’d say that we had 60-80 people come over the course of the evening. Last year we had everyone show up at once and consequently overfilled my apartment, decreasing the efficacy of the event. But the timing was nearly perfect as we had the guests stream in and out over the two hours. The vast majority were members of my ward since that’s mostly who I catered to this year. I had couple friends from previous years and 2 siblings attend, but it has pretty much become a 176 ward tradition. In fact one of the new girls said she was excited to come after seeing the event advertised while visiting our ward last year.

The icecream bar wasn’t used too heavily, but this provides me with a steady icecream supply for the next few months. We had a number of people making their own bitter Valentines, and ended up watching the movie I made a couple years back about blind dating, as well as a Powerpoint I made (for Technical Writing no less) titled How To Stay Single at BYU. Otherwise the evening was listening to music, hanging out and mingling with other single individuals. The big question: will there be an LS4?

Current song “Dirty Glass” Dropkick Murphys


Emily said...

Why only 2 siblings? Who was the slacker?

Catherine Elizabeth said...

Well, Laura is in a show.