Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Who is this Saint Valentine who we so annually celebrate?

Saint Valentine:
  • Invented midterms, dentistry and mosquitoes.

  • Graduated from the U.

  • Was a horse thief.

  • Founded the nation of France.

  • Had severe halitosis.

  • Said your mom is ugly.

  • Was the great-grandfather of Hanson.

  • Coined the phrase “all that and a bag of chips.”

  • Still holds the world record for most puppies drowned.*

Do you really want to celebrate his holiday? If not, come to the

3nd Annual Love Sucks Party.

All the cool (i.e. single) people will be there.

Feb 14th. 8 pm. Washington 2. USA. 2006. Earth. The Universe. Mountain Standard Time.

*The world record is 42,367

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