Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hale the great Gaffigan

I got home from an attempted-bonfire/movie night late last night and was forced to stay up watching Jim Gaffigan’s standup special. He was hilarious. His act was exceedingly random, which I always find to be a plus. He went off about Hot Pockets aka “poptarts full of gross meat” for about 10 minutes. It was great. The funniest thing he’d do was imitate a hypothetical audience member that disliked his material after giving each joke. This is difficult to explain, so I’ll try to give an example:

Jim says: I’ve only dated one Asian girl, but she was very Asian. She was a panda.
Jim as audience member: I didn’t realize he was going to do so many bear jokes. They’re really getting old aren’t they?

Jim says: I’m a vegetarian, but not a strict one. I do eat pork and beef. I also eat chicken. But not fish, that’s gross.
Jim as audience: Is he wearing a blouse? I think he’s wearing a blouse.

I realize as I type this that it probably doesn’t appear at all funny. But take my word for it, he’s hilarious.

Suggested comics that you’ve probably never heard of:

Demetri Martin
Lewis Black
Brian Regan
Jim Gaffigan
Michael Ian Black

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