Monday, February 27, 2006

Weekend Update

I had doing recaps of weeks, but there were several interesting events that I never got around to reporting on individually, and seem to deserve at least a mention.

I had two presentations last week.  The first was a 20 minute one on irony, which was probably more interesting researching than presenting.  I didn’t realize how often we call something ironic, when literarily it is no such thing.  For instance, there is only one instance of irony in the song Ironic by Alanis Morisette.  Who knew?  I was rather proud of myself for being the first presenter in our class to figure out how to use the AV equipment to supplement my presentation.  Those silly English majors can’t figure anything out.  So a couple songs and video clips allowed me to easily fill the time.  I also led part of a presentation on stem cell research for Neurobio on Friday, which was also quite informative.  But by far the most amusing part of the class was when a girl started going off on what she’s heard the church handbook says about abortion and it not being the equivalent of murder.  We made sure to jump back to the nature of pluripotent stem cells purdy darn quick.

Academically that’s all that’s been going on.  I got the only perfect score for my Bandersnatch poem, which I ended up altering to make it fit the Carrol’s meter more accurately.  In other poetry news I performed a poetry recitation at our ward talent show on Friday.  I did about five minutes of standup type material before doing a poem with a volunteer from the audience.  It was based on the Pop Romance poem from couple years back, but updated to more current songs.  I think I can safely say it was the funniest act of the night, with an Oompa Loompa dance and DDR presentation coming in close second.  There were of course the obligatory talented people at the talent show (singing, dancing, instruments etc) but these were less interesting to me than the novelty acts.  


Ellie O said...

If the bandersnatch poem was original with you Chris, I am duly impressed and chastened for my accusatory thoughts of plagerism. Being a long-time LC fan (jabberwocky being the first poem I ever memorized), I quite enjoyed it.

Emily said...

I have always known that Alanis has no idea what she is singing about; I hope I am not alone.