Monday, March 20, 2006

World Domination by Love, Not War

The Liberal Baby Bust

Interesting, no? Mormons have big ol’ families. This is a fact. Of course it’s a stereotype, but stereotypes usually exist because they are in fact the most common state. Although I’ve grown up with various religious reasons for having large families, I’d never really considered the political implications of our stance on families. But I’m still not having ten kids. My current trend is toward zero kids, but perhaps one day I’ll move up to 4 or 6 (I don’t believe in odd numbers of kids.)

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Amy said...

I was talking to Travis about this and he said, "Oh, so does that mean that you only want 2 children?" I think he said it kind of hopefully. I would definitely not class myself as far left by any means. I am a very conservative liberal, or a liberal conservative, whichever you are most comfortable with. And even though when I was younger, I thought 12 children would be heaven, I did not get married young enough for that. I am, however, young enough for a few more.

lindsay said...

I've heard that having 3 kids is the hardest number because two of them will always gang up against the poor third (though not necessarily in consistent alliances). I'm not sure I believe this, it still seems like it would be hard/weird to be an only child.

Emily said...

I agree--every time I meet an only child I am more convinced that it is the worst position possible. I weep for only children and scoff at their parents (but only if they MEANT to have just one).

Lindsay, while I can see the gaining up thing with 3, I propse that this is a problem for any family larger than 3 as, at some point as the older kids leave home, you must be left with 3. I know it was a major issue with Mom when you were home with the other two. Now it is mom and Meg vs. Dad. Poor Dad.

lindsay said...

Were there any 3 children issues when we were home? I don't feel like I ever ganged up with anyone, or that the other two ever ganged up against me.

Jeanette said...

Just to add a comment to the three kids debate, that's what my family is. And, yeah, it was pretty much always two on one. The girls against the boy, the younger two against the oldest, and the older two against the youngest. It worked out... great.