Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's not easy being mean

Sadly my only talent in life seems to be my innate meanness.  Although I’m immeasurably good at it, it is still no easy task.  This week I’ve had to:

Become the ward gossip.  We filmed our FHE movie this week (as opposed to my personal movie.)  My role in our fake newscast was reading the gossip report.  Perhaps the character will be distanced from myself in that I spoke with a lisp and was generally fruity.  Among the many claims I made were accusing a friend of DUI (Dressing Ugly Incessantly), accusing the ward clerk of embezzling money, listing the members of the ward who were Democrats saying how often certain guys had been rejected the week before.  I wrote portions of the rest of the movie as well, but left the filming shortly after my gossiping was done.

Make rats scream.  As part of Neurobio lab we are stimulating the pleasure centers of our lab rats.  They got their surgery last week so no longer have the top of their skulls.  This week’s task was to handle them for an hour so they’d get used to human interaction.  Our rat is not yet used to human interaction.  He squeaks and screams every time you touch him.  It was a great hour.

Becoming Troy.  I’ve also started filming as Troy for my own movie, which entails me being mean to every other character in the movie.  Luckily I don’t have to act too much since getting people to show up for their scenes has been an egregious pain and I get to channel my frustration into sarcasm.  

Song of the moment: “Love the One You’re With” Crosby, Stills and Nash


too_intensified said...

I'm seriously disturbed by so many things in this post.

And the thought of rats without the top part of their skulls screaming makes me really queasy. It sounds like a nightmare.

Catherine Elizabeth said...

Is Laura in your movie? If not, why?

ellie o said...

Just when I am thinking that Chris is a man of great (if unrealized) potential, you write such things that make me wring my hands and wonder what happenned to the admission standards at the Y.

(But then, if you like Crosby Stills Nash and Young--upon which I was raised--then perhaps redemption is still possible.