Thursday, March 09, 2006

Facebook'em Danno

I had my first experience with internet dating last night.  This statement is actually 80% false, but I have a flair for the dramatic.  A more accurate description of the event would be that I met a girl in person last night who I only knew via the internet.  But since this is the closest I hope to get to internet dating, I’m going to consider it my initiation.

The full story (minus some facts and most portions of names) is as follows.  I am a member of the Facebook community.  This is not a point of pride in my life as I consider the site a massive waste of time.  However, it is the now the 7th most frequently visited site on the Internet (the first probably being Google and porn rounding out the top 6) if this gives it any legitimacy.  There are many ways to waste time on the site, but one is by joining various interest groups with other students at your university.  After joining such groups as “Conan OBrien is my Hero” and “I was raised by Nintendo” I decided I should form my own group.  After much consideration and many hours of prayer I decided on the Coalition of Chris, primarily because there are a half dozen Chrises in my ward.  So I formed said group and within a couple weeks we now have 146 members at BYU.  

I didn’t limit myself to those named Christopher, but have Christian and even a Christer and a Christin.  Who knew those were even names?  I also allowed any female variants of the name, much to the chagrin of a few members who wished it to remain a fraternity and not a siblingity.  But why associate with just males?  Quite boring I say, so I added the girly half of the populace.  One such girl (I’ll leave her unnamed, though she’s obviously a Chris variant) started chatting with me via Facebook and I soon officially added her as a friend.  Again for those of you unfamiliar with the site, you designate people you know as friend and they must accept your invitation and then others will see that the two of you are connected.  Of my 80 people listed as friends on Facebook she is the 4th that I’ve never actually met.  The first was a girl that was incredibly hot, and after adding each other as friends we’ve never spoken.  The second 2 were equally hot, plus shared common interests with me.  We’ve communicated back and forth a bit but nothing has ever come of it.  So I had no particular expectations of this 4th attempt, but low and behold we progressed from email banter to phone banter to bantering in person.  We watched an episode of Lost, discussed movies and videogames (the fact that she could hold a conversation about both gives her major cool points) and generally had a good time acquainting ourselves.    

Truly I have a talent at stretching a relatively boring and unimportant story to take up a full page of text.  I really should’ve been an English major instead of a minor.

Song of the Moment: “Dig For Fire” The Pixies


Amy-Alisa said...

Have learned nothing from the Pariss (Pari? Parises? note the confusion already) about the perils of two people with the same name dating?

Emily said...

Do you allow Kristophers, Kristinas, etc.?

Anonymous said...

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