Monday, March 20, 2006

Like a red-headed stepchild

My life, as it relates to my new red hair:

My analogue likes my new hair.  We saw V together and enjoyed our mutual procrastination of studying.  

Went to a Saint Patrick’s Day part on Friday and most definitely had the most Irish hair.  I was only there briefly because I had to study for my Neuro test, which I should’ve taken on Friday.  But I didn’t so get to spend most of Friday night and Saturday morning studying/worrying about studying.  

On a point unrelated to hair, isn’t it odd how you sometimes loathe studying and sometimes loathe the actual test taking?  I was extremely anti-studying this week but had no problem actually taking tests.  In fact I took my linguistics test early, even though I could’ve benefited from more studying, just because the studying was what was bothering me.  Back to my all-important hair.

I pansied-out and wore a hat to the testing center.  I only had a couple hours to take the test and didn’t want to have any additional complications from the test administrators.  So I don’t know if they would’ve cared about my hair.

My date on Saturday liked my hair.  I trust her aesthetic judgment.  I had a good time, but am not completely sure how she liked it/me yet.

My Bishop’s only comment concerning my hair was “I wish I had enough left to do that to it.”  I’m taking that as approval.

My most anal professor (linguistics) didn’t say anything about it.  My favorite professor (neurobio) just wanted to make sure the red wasn’t in support of the U.

My boss wanted to know how they got half of it black and half of it red, but no reprimanding occurred.  

I think I’m in the clear.

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Emily said...

The big question is: How did your analogue feel about your date on Saturday?