Thursday, March 02, 2006


The pattern in my life thus far has been such: Chris likes girls (to be fair I rarely commit myself to a particular one), Chris attempts to gain girls’ favor, fails, and complains about the whole endeavor.  Last weekend this pattern strangely inverted.  I had a girl ask me out one night (not a first, but a rarity) and another tell me she really likes me the other.  To say confess her undying love for me would be quite an exaggeration, but she did come out and tell me that she has liked me for a while (I could’ve broken my dateless Valentines streak) and that I’ve evidently been completely missing the signals.  I like her as well and we’re now dating.  Weird no?  I guess this is the way it’s supposed to work, but I’ve never really experienced it this easily.  My theory is that the closer I get to medical school the more irresistible I become.  That and my sideburns are pretty much amazing.  


ellie o said...

I admit that in my more mercurial moods, that prospective medical degree could start looking mighty attractive, covering a multitude of other flaws (long sideburns principally). Congratulations on the romantic upswing. (Perhaps my PhD in Women's Studies is why my love life is not thriving :D ).

Catherine Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear you got yourself a girlfriend. How does she feel about you blogging about her?

PS Let's hope all your dating prowess doesn't lie within the sideburns, or what will happen when you shave?

The Rachel in the Dell said...

okay how come you are allowed to use words like "Bizarro" but some of us aren't allowed to use words like, oh i don't know, "funner". if bizarro is a word i'm pretty sure funner is too.