Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hurray for Pi Day!

Here’s some stuff that’s been going on as of late.

I watched half of Constantine and The Life Aquatic with my analogue (isn’t that a cute pet name for my Chris-variant friend?)  We had attempted to see Walk the Line, but Provo being what it is every single movie at the dollar theater was sold out on Friday night.

This weekend was stake conference.  This means no date Saturday night if I want to be righteous and go to the evening session.  I debated whether being righteous is all it’s cracked up to be, but ended up going.    

We had another Saturday morning cartoon session.  We attempted to kill ourselves by eating biscuits & gravy (kindly provided by Becca) scrambled eggs and bacon.  We ended up skipping the bacon to give our arteries a break.  I thought the Futurama we watched was pretty family friendly, but evidently I was mistaken.  I think the girls would prefer Disney cartoons for the next iteration, which may very well mean that Saturday morning cartoons have been killed for me.

I have to finish my entry for Pi Day.  I’m actually making a cherry and chocolate cheesecake, both to enjoy the alliteration and to win the most creative pie contest.  No one ever suspects cheesecakes on Pi Day.  (For the non-nerds among you [though I don’t particularly think any read my blog] today is March fourteenth, thus 3 14, thus 3.14 which is the beginning of the mathematical concept Pi.  Pi Day, along with Mole Day, are nerd holidays, and I initiated a Pi contest last year which has been adopted as a tradition.)

I made up two new words yesterday.  Feel free to use them.

Suicid           Past tense of suicide.  It eliminates the pain of having to say “committed suicide.”
Seminnocuous          Only somewhat harmless.

I saw intracranial surgery on a rat this morning.  We stimulated the dentate gyrus of his hippocampus to initiate long term potentiation.  It was pretty cool, but would’ve been cooler if it weren’t 8 in the morning.

Song of the moment: “Paradise City” Guns N’ Roses


Amy-Alisa said...

So, you and the "analogue" must be hitting it off, eh? And that's pretty gross to mention cheesecake and weird dead rat surgery in the same post, FYI. But I hope you win.

Ranteumptom said...

I'll have you know that the rat was still alive, just ethered up.

ellie o said...

I'm afraid I missed the Pi day connection until you explained it to us slow folks--though it occurs to me that there is undoubtedly a pi moment which corresponds to the extention of the number to its 100th decimal place.

It sounds like this romance is already qualifying as your longest :D--good luck, though I wouldn't bet on it if she hears of your new term of endearment (Your sisters need to teach you something of female psychology, sensitivity and the like).