Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Truth is Out There

It’s a good week for the X-Files.

I certainly hope that those of you near Montauk have enjoyed your new Montauk Monster. I’m highly envious. But until Columbus has its own creature, I’ll just consider your Monster my own. What did it look like before it got all rotten and defurred? “Experts” (ie zoologists) think it’s a raccoon. But I think it was one of the Demon Dogs from Willow. I tried for ten minutes to find you a picture of one of those dogs, but was not successful. Instead you’ll have to go watch the movie.

More about the Montauk Monster

Elsewhere, a kid in Arizona caught a gar in a local manmade lake. Never heard of a gar? You’ll remember them after seeing these pictures:

Luckily the kid’s catch was only a foot or two long. So it didn’t, you know, eat him.

The evil fish

In other X-Files news, the movie wasn’t very good. It was enjoyable enough, and long time fans should go see it, but it isn’t going to convert anyone to the fold. And I don’t think it’s going to help Chris Carter’s case for making an X-Files 3 that would actually wrap up some of the alien mysteries. So while it wasn’t a great movie, and perhaps not even a good one, it was an enjoyable reminder of the series. It could have been much funnier and scarier, and it veered into downright cheesy a number of times. But the Scully/Mulder interaction was interesting and I think a valuable contribution to the series. I was hoping for a Krychek cameo, but was happy with getting Skinner instead.

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-emily- said...

I was so at the London premiere of X-Files. I mean, okay, so I didn't actually see the movie, but I was definitely within a few feet of David and Gillian.