Sunday, August 03, 2008

Time for a change, of the channel

I’m really tired of Obama. To be more accurate, I’m really tired of hearing about Obama.

Do I agree with his policies? No. But that’s not really the problem. For one I don’t think he has much in the way of policies. I think the empty suit argument is pretty accurate. My problem is that people rabidly support him with little or no knowledge of his policies. It’s true I live in Columbus, a relatively liberal town, and interact primarily with college/graduate students, a relatively liberal bunch. Their support of him is slightly annoying, but I feel that if they’re voting they probably are actually researching the delegates.

Lots of people won’t. And thankfully, lots of these people won’t get around to voting. They’ll just jabber about how great Obama is all day long. But WHY? Why is he great? He’s great because people have told them he’s great. He’s great because Three 6 Mafia raps about him. They may have won an Academy award, but that doesn’t really qualify them to give political advice, especially in a song where every other word is lolli. There was a big hoopla about Ludacris doing the same this week. His song is much more blatant, and Obama’s people are trying to distance themselves from it. When Luda refers to Hillary as a B because she disagreed with Obama and that McCain should be paralyzed, it’s certainly understandable. It’s going to be a very sad thing if Obama wins because people decide to vote for him because he’s “cool.”

McCain’s not terribly cool, but I do think he’d be the better president. Again, that’s not really the issue that I have issue with. How about the media coverage; the media outside of the hip hop scene I mean. I glance through CNN’s political ticker each morning, and it’s pretty Obama slanted. I realize that it’s CNN, but when Obama has 2100 articles listed and McCain has 1200, that seems a bit much. Because again, Obama hasn’t done anything. Obama goes to the Middle East. Why do I care? He’s not the president, he’s a junior senator. McCain was speaking 2 blocks from my house and the only reason I knew was because I happened to get stuck behind his bus. Admittedly, I’m out of the loop and it’s not CNN’s job to tell me McCain is at OSU, but it certainly seems like somebody should have publicized it.

So Obama is popular. Is that enough? Maybe it is. I am ready to consider that what would serve the nation best is a guy that everybody likes. And really, I don’t have any huge issues with Obama. I think he won’t do much and will spend too much money doing it. I don’t think he’s going to sink the country. I while I think McCain is walking a dangerous line with his negative adds, I think the Paris Hilton comparisons are pretty accurate. He’s famous for being famous. Annoyingly famous. I just hope that no matter who wins come November, I get to hear less about Obama.

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ESO said...

Read one of Obama's books, and then get back to us.