Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Radiohead near my head

For all of my rock snobbery I’m not much of a concertgoer. I think it’s been a year since my last (Fratellis and Flogging Molly) but an opportunity came along that I just couldn’t pass up: Radiohead. They’re on tour, but only hitting about a dozen US cities. Luckily one of those was Cleveland. If they were really cool they would’ve come right to my doorstep in Columbus, but I guess I have to put some effort into our relationship as well.

The drive wasn’t noteworthy. Laurie’s GPS unit didn’t seem to like my driving, but we got their eventually. And because of our detour we saw the bridge from Beetlejuice, so that was pretty sweet. It probably wasn’t the actual bridge, but 2 out of the 2 of us in the car thought of Beetlejuice when we saw it. We decided to make the trip an Ohio cultural experience and stop at a locally owned drivethrough, which was a bit of a mistake. Not a Shoney’s level mistake, but it certainly wasn’t the best meal we’ve ever had.

We got there in time to get a pretty favorable parking spot and a nice spot on the lawn for our blanket. For most of our time waiting, and throughout the opening band (Grizzly Bear, who generally failed to make an impression on me) we peoplewatched. I’d guess we had 12 to 15 thousand people there, which is most likely every hipster in Ohio. Plus one guy who looked like a 70s Parisian stereotype. I kid you not, I wish I’d snapped a picture.

Speaking of which, concert pictures are nearly always horrible, and this time was no exception.

Radiohead was, of course, awesome. It certainly would’ve been nice to be closer to the stage, but I was happy to keep my arm and leg, as well as my hearing. Their laser/light show was pretty sweet, but not as sweet as Thom Yorke’s dancing. Check it out:

Thom Rocking Out

What a nerd. But a genius and generally likable nerd. As expected they played all of In Rainbows and mostly stuck with newer material. They hit OK Computer a couple times, but no The Bends or Pablo Honey. I would’ve liked me some High and Dry, but the new stuff was great. The live performance really kicked up some of songs I don’t traditionally like that much. All in all an excellent use of my Monday night.

Those are lighters (and cellphones), not stars.

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