Friday, August 08, 2008

Concertfull week

Surprisingly I went to another concert last night. It was pretty much the same as the Radiohead show, with a couple minor differences. Namely, it was in some guy’s basement.

I’ve never been a big proponent of local music, which is too bad. I feel like it would raise me to a new level of elitism if I could namedrop a bunch of bands that haven’t even recorded their music yet. Bands that you’re not going to hear on the radio for another ten years. I guess what holds me back is that I know most of them will never be on the radio. Lots of the groups just aren’t that good, and it doesn’t seem worth my time to learn a bunch of stuff that’s not that enjoyable and will never be pertinent.

But last night’s bands were all quite enjoyable. I’ll hold off as to whether they’ll ever be pertinent (ie influential and/or famous) but it was certainly an enjoyable use of a couple hours. A friend of ours was performing so Twig, Links and I went to hear her and ended up catching another 3 bands while we were there.

It was my first indie house concert. I’ve been to a fair number of house concerts in Provo, but they were all much more rock oriented. It was a little bit surreal to be crowded with 30 other people in some guy’s basement to hear some people jam out with their fiddles and sing incomprehensible lyrics. But it was also pretty sweet.

Saintseneca was the first band, and were a more modern Decemberists. Perhaps the best moment of the night was when they started to play 99 Luft Balloons and some kid shouted “Goldfinger! Sweet!” Hilarious if you’re a snob. The second band was amazing primarily because their leadsinger looked almost exactly like Will Farrel. It was really disappointed that they didn’t play Don’t Fear the Reaper so he could rock out on the cowbell. I really liked them at the time, but decided against buying their CD (I did end up buying the other 3 CDs available. I don’t pirate exclusively.) Our mutual friend who performed did a fantastic job. I’d never heard her perform before but she was really great. The name of her “band,” composed of herself, is The Boy Who Could Fly if you feel like looking her up on myspace. (Or I’ll do it for you: her page . The other bands are on myspace as well.) We almost left after her, seeing as it was midnight on a school night. But the last act was also very enjoyable. His name is Pul Baribeau and his stuff is actually available on iTunes. Though I really liked his act, it doesn’t sound nearly as good on CD. Oh well.

Go to an indie show in some guy’s basement. You’ll have a good time.

Probably not Kari's favorite picture of herself, but she can blame her sister for having it on her blog.

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Michelle! said...

Seriously,if there's another show like this, or if Kari's playing call me.