Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If you like Snapple, you might also like . . .

A friend, knowing my impeccable taste in everything, asked me to make some recommendations. 80s Sci-Fi, Worthwhile TV, and Recent Music

80s Sci-FI
Brazil – surreal and deep
Buckeroo Banzai – surreal and shallow
The Abyss – gets me every time.
Akira – one of my favorite movies, of any genre
12 Monkeys – probably 90s, but overlooked
Donnie Darko – indie turned mainstream
Primer – very indie

Worthwhile TV
Firefly – keeping up the sci-fi theme
Battlestar Galactica – don’t knock it til you’ve tried it
Cowboy Bebop – a fun romp
Frisky Dingo – superhero parody
Venture Brothers – another superhero parody
How I Met Your Mother – all hail Barney
Coupling – similar to HIMYM in many ways
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia – wrong, but hilarious

New Music
Little Jackie (and Imani Coppola) – I’m hooked
Ed Harcourt – also, hooked
The Good, The Bad and the Queen – New Blur!, Sort of.
Dr. Dog – fun variety
The Pillows – my favorite Japanese band. Even more than Green Leaves
Splashdown – Not new, but great
Scissor Sisters – retro greatness
Beautiful South – retroer (comparative of retro) greatness

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