Sunday, August 10, 2008

Evidently I now have a music blog

After a bit of a conservative rant last week, here’s a liberal one for you.

I got invited to join a group protesting Katy Perry’s song “I Kissed a Girl” the other day. Really? Of all the things in the world to protest, you want to protest this song?

A disclaimer: the protest was on facebook, where it is exceedingly simple to come up with lame ideas and bother thousands of people in a short period of time. Every couple weeks I get invited to cut gas prices by not buying gas on a particular day. I get invited to join some group hoping to gather a million members to support an American Idol contestant or fight hunger in Darfur. While I support fighting hunger in Darfur, a facebook group simply isn’t going to do anything. And why say you’re getting a million members when I have never EVER seen such a group with a million members. In any case, my point is this protest (consisting of everyone calling their local radio stations on a particular day to ask them NOT to play the song) is a silly form of protest.

Not only is the form of protest ridiculous, but I don’t support the protest’s ideology either. This is the song that you have the most issue with? I certainly don’t think it’s a good song, though it is dang catchy. I certainly think it’s overplayed, but what summer hit isn’t. I didn’t get invited to protest Umbrella last summer. The issue of course is that the song depicts a girl kissing another girl. The song’s not remotely dirty and it really isn’t promoting homosexuality (cue Seinfeldian not that there’s anything wrong with that.) But if you happen to believe that there IS something wrong with that, this song isn’t even preachy or obscene, so why should I be protesting it? I wouldn’t be incredibly happy about my girlfriend kissing another girl when I’m not around (when I’m around is more complicated) but somehow I just can’t be offended by this song.

If you need a song to protest, why not pick gangster rap? Misogyny, violence and vulgarity not enough for you? Maybe you’d like a new cause (rap probably has enough detractors already.) I find the ideas behind this John Legend song much more objectionable that Katy Perry:

The One by John Legend

Repeatedly cheating on you doesn’t mean I don’t love you? I give you more money than your friends have so your life is better? I think that’s much more dangerous doctrine than a girl enjoying kissing another girl. But again, catchy, so it’s definitely on my iPod.

How about this one:

Pussycat Dolls hit new low

The Soup summed it up for me. There are so many reasons to hate this song. The “dancing”, the “lyrics” (HA HA HA HA), the message (more stuff will make me happy!)

Leave Katy Perry alone! (that was in fact a Chris Crocker reference.) Or don’t. That song is getting annoying.

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