Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What Not Not To Wear

Today I was supposedly given 25 dollars free, though I’ll believe it when they show up in my bank account. AND I won a set of free speakers from Entertainment Weekly. Now, let’s ignore the facts that I already have 2 sets of speakers and that the free ones are almost certainly of a lower quality than those I already have. Due to these economic windfalls I’m going to buy a t-shirt. Any ladyfriends can speak up and I’ll take you out to dinner instead, but what are the chances of that happening? A step above zilch.

Here is Exhibit 1

A fine shirt I’d say. A fine animal displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner. A screw you to evolutionary theory. I’m not a huge fan of the Captain Planet reference, seeing as he was a pretty pansy superhero. But really, the likelihood of anyone else getting the oblique reference is slim.

Exhibit 2

Ninja Turtles are far cooler than Captain Planet. But, it does lack a platypus. But I quite enjoy the middle-management Michelangelo. But I could use a pale blue shirt more than an off-white one. Guns or Butter!

Exhibit 3

The chances of exhibit 3 winning are pretty slim. I quite like the shirt. How adorable is the crying Pluto? But I already have a Pluto T-shirt. Do I really feel strongly enough about our rejected past-tense planet to have 2 shirts?

Let the democracy of the blogosphere ring true.


Michelle said...

A step above zilch, huh? How's Saturday night for dinner?

Ranteumptom said...

Well I'm not sure if I can date a girl that cares so little about my appearance that she offers no input as to my t-shirt selection.

Although it could be that you're a communist so are just avoiding the voting. And we all know that I find communism very attractive.

Erin said...

I vote for the Platypus tshirt.

I know it's selfish but I'm kind of bummed you got the speakers from EW Weekly. I entered that contest too. And I don't already have speakers.

ESO said...

Get Erin to buy you the platypus shirt, buy Michelle dinner, and send Erin the speakers: everyone wins!

(I also vote platypus, with pluto a second)

Poppy said...

I vote AMNT. And I must say, eso's solution is elegant, and economical!

e.l.d. said...

I don't know what it says about me that I immediately got the Captain Planet reference. Furthermore, I don't know what it says about me that I could sing the entire Captain Planet theme song to you, complete with Planeteers chant at the end.

I vote platypus, but the power is yours.