Thursday, May 15, 2008

Independent Study (watching TV)

An excerpt from an essay I wrote a couple months ago.

ER has taught me that there is never a dull moment in medicine.
Scrubs shows that there are in fact dull moments, but there are plenty of interesting people to fill them.
I don’t remember Cliff Huxtable ever going to work on the Cosby show, so evidently doctors can have family lives.
I’ve yet to see Grey’s Anatomy, but I hear it could show me how to improve my medical social life.
Becker has shown me that I can keep my personality and that bedside manner is optional.
House has shown me some of the consequences of opting out of that bedside manner.
Dr. McCoy frequently reminded me that doctors have their limitations.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman showed me that doctors can in fact do anything, while combating prejudice in the wild west no less.
Doctor Who is probably not a very realistic depiction of my life as a physician.
General Hospital is perhaps less so.
The X-Files taught me that doctors can work for the FBI and hunt UFOs.
MASH showed me that doctors can travel the world.
Lost has shown me that I might not want to.
Doogie Howser showed me that there will always be doctors more talented than myself.
Nip/Tuck showed me that there will always be doctors less moral than myself.
I’m not sure if Dr. Nick and Dr. Hibbert from the Simpsons taught me never to get sick in Springfield. And since I’m not sure where that is, I’ll just avoid getting sick in general.

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