Friday, May 09, 2008

Food stuff (plus Lost)


1. I’m not happy when it cherry chocolate rains.

Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper isn’t very good. It’s not bad. I didn’t have to spit it onto the floor or anything. But it just isn’t very good. This really came as no surprise since people had told me it wasn’t great and the internet told me it tastes like drinking a cherry tootsie pop. Which is extremely accurate. Oh Dr. Pepper, what can’t you come up with something great, apart from the original? Berries and Cream is fine, as is Cherry Vanilla. But I rarely buy them to replace my standard DDP. I actually quite liked the Red Fusion, which is probably why it only lasted for one summer.

2. The nooks and crannies actually matter.

I’ve started eating a lot of English muffins, for no particular reason, other than they’re delicious. I have no idea if they’re more or less healthy than standard bread, but seeing as they’re delicious probably less. I bought grape jelly for the first time in my life because I decided I like it on an English muffin. A couple days ago I decided to buy the generic muffin instead of the Thomas variety. Thomas has always boasted about their nooks and crannies, which seemed odd to me. Who cares? Turns out these generic muffins stink. They are also nearly entirely cranniless. Is this why they’re bad? Perhaps. I’ll go back to Thomas next time.

3. Dessert week is over.

Last week I made a dirty cake, strawberry graham concoction (I’ve yet to name it, but I’ve made it a number of times), 3 apple crisps and a peach crisp. Additionally we had a strawberry cream cake and chocolate cake lying around the cake. Needless to say, genuine nutrients were a little hard to come by last week. But now it’s over and I’m back to pretty standard fare. And in case you were wondering, I made 2 apple crisps for friends birthdays (it’s my favorite dessert so screw them if they wanted a cake) and one for a party. I’d never made it before and it’s fairly liberating to know I can now make my favorite food any time I please. The peach crisp came about because I had a little extra topping so decided to experiment. It was alright, but I probably won’t make it again.

On an unrelated note, Lost was great last night. It’s either a credit to how dense the show is, or how slow I am, but I usually don’t decide if an episode was great until the next day. Despite the problems with the writers strike, this season has been pretty fantastic. Season 1 is still the best for the sheer mystery of it all, but I might place season 4 before season 2. Season 3 was the weakest so far,but a weak season of Lost is still better than most other television.


Amy-Alisa said...

Have you tried the English muffin toast? I tried some at mom's, but it just doesn't have the charm of the muffins and you lose the nooks and crannies, so yes, they must be the secret to deliciousness.

I agree about Lost. Why is Claire all of a sudden acting so sexy? That was weird.

And also, what is dirty cake? said...

I love english muffins!! My favorite is to get them right out of the toaster and put honey on them. Or, I like to put scrambled eggs with cheese. Another great thing is to make minnie pizzas. The ideas just keep coming.

I loved Lost! I think Claire is dead. And I have realized that every character has issues with their fathers in some way or another. Very interesting.

Ranteumptom said...

I don't know whether I added the Y or if spellcheck did, but I meant Dirt Cake.

Sexy Claire is a vast improvement. Claire has never been that compelling of a character. Now she has a confidence boost, either because she knows something or because as Mallory suggests she is dead. I'd love it if she was somehow in on the conspiracy, but I do think she got RPG'd a couple eps ago.

Bryce can attest for my love of the egg sandwich. I can pretty easily survive of muffins, eggs, cheese and ketchup for days on a time.

I picked up the daddy issues on Lost a couple seasons ago. All the dads must be working together. Red-head anthropologist speaks Korean. Why? Because she works with Sun's dad. Who works with Christian, who works with Penny's dad etc etc.