Thursday, May 08, 2008

What dreams came

For those of you that don’t remember your dreams (my roommate was just telling me the other day how he has a grand total of 3 dreams in his life) here’s a recipe for you:

1. Study for Board exams 12 hours a day. This will addle your brain sufficiently.
2. Set your alarm for a ridiculously early time that you’ll be able to argue with it in the morning, e.g. I set mine for 6 when I didn’t actually have anywhere to go all day.
3. Hit your snooze button 5 or more times. I got up at 8.

Follow this simple instructions and you get a narrative like this:

I started out in the country. I believe that I had given up on being a doctor and was simply driving across the country. At this point, it’s not terribly unbelievable. Along comes a storm/tornado. It looks like a tornado but is several miles across. I decide to hide in a building with a bunch of people. Instead of being in a small town I’m now in the city, and the building I’m in has a transparent roof, which is fantastic for storm watching.

The storm hits, starting with ten foot tall tumbleweeds, which defying the laws of physics can knock cars out of the way. Physics doesn’t really apply in my dreams. As we watch the tumbleweeds other debris starts to hit this transparent building, which not surprisingly, is not very structurally sound. I guess I’m back in the country again because some giant trees topple and break the building. As we’re recovering we’re back again in the city because there’s a spaceship that’s flying over the city, but isn’t quite high enough so is knocking the top couple stories off of the buildings. I know I hit the snooze button at this point because I distinctly thought that a spaceship hiding inside a tornado was a great idea, which in fact it’s not. Side note: have you ever typed the word snooze before? It’s a very strange word.

Back to the dream, I guess the aliens invade and now rule with an iron fist. I realize that I’m the only one that can stop this (I often have some fairly undefined skill/knowledge in my dreams that enables me save the day. It’s a perk) so have to work my way up through a high tech tower. I guess this one wasn’t destroyed by the aliens, or they built it, or something. I don’t remember what any of the creatures look like, other than the final one which was either a bee or a hippo, which means it was probably a Wuzzle. I’m pretty sure I defeat it by getting it to swallow me, which has worked in countless science fiction movies and really never should.

Turns out I defeat the aliens and they leave. The dream has a dénouement where we’re deciding how to put the city back together. A girl asks me what I’d like to do to help and I make a facetious remark about having saved the city on my own so I’ll help with the making out. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, but I’m pretty sure it was clever in the dream. She however is not amused and yells at me.

Then I finally wake up.

Conclusion: girls have no sense of humor.

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