Friday, July 31, 2009

Going Gaga

I hadn’t realized it until yesterday,
but I kind of love Lady Gaga.

Normally I’m not a big pop slut fan. This doesn’t really have to do with music. I realize that pop music isn’t supposed to be good music, just catchy music. So I don’t particularly hold the fact that they’re pop artists against the likes of Britney, Xtina etc.

Lady Gaga is attractive with catchy music, fitting her in much the same boat. I would say that I find her music slightly more catchy, so that gives her a leg up. But I think other factors are more important in explaining my fondness for her.

1. She’s kind of European. She’s not really, she’s from NY. But she started getting popular in Europe then shifted back over here, giving her that fresh scent of Euro trend.
2. She’s very glam. Her name itself is a Queen reference. I’m a sucker for glam. The crazier her outfits, the more I like her.
3. She’s bisexual.

What do these add up to? She’s David Bowie’s daughter. That’s right, you heard it here first. Lady Gaga is actually Lady Bowie. Or maybe it's just Bowie himself. He is a chameleon after all.


4. She may very well be crazy. Go back to the glam. The continuum between glam, eccentric and insane is pretty narrow. And as a nearly-psychiatrist I’m in support of crazy people being successful in their chosen profession. Now I'm not a huge fan of tragicrazy like Britney, but Gaga's brand of terrificrazy is great. She and Bjork need to start a sitcom together.

5. If she’s not insane, and her insane act is intentional, she’s 100% pop. She’s purely superficial, eye-catching pop. And that itself is worthwhile.

Legitimately insane or faux-crazy, either way it's a winning situation.

This epiphany started when a friend’s status update said “Lady Gaga is the greatest entertainer alive.” And while I don’t agree with that statement (Hello, David Bowie is still alive) the world is a brighter place with her in it.

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poker face is my guilty pleasure. dont tell anyone. yes, i'm posting it on the internet, but dont enforce it with conversation.
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