Sunday, August 02, 2009

The time of the week when I invent something

So there’s this game that the kids are playing these days. It’s called Guitar Rock Band Hero. People pretend they’re playing music by pressing buttons along with the rhythm.

This is all fine and well. I have no problem with rhythm games. In fact, it’s kind of interesting because these games are much more popular than traditional non-rhythmic games, which skewed heavily male. Evidently girls like playing air guitar.

But what about the true purpose of video games? What about blowing stuff up and stomping on turtles?

We should add the rhythm to them. Wouldn’t it be fun to play Halo, but you act as if you’re in a music video. You get extra points for shooting along with the beat. You have to get to certain positions for certain parts of the song. Your guns and bombs and swords become your instruments, both of destruction and music. It would be kind of like this, only way better because Bon Jovi wouldn’t be allowed on the soundtrack. Some rock, some hip hop, a very small amount of techno, just no Bon Jovi. Ok, a little Bon Jovi.

It would work. You’re welcome video game industry.


[clandestine images] said...

ever heard of the game patapon for psp? you pretty much just described it... there's like a drum beat and you have to hit buttons on the beat to get your characters to fight and move threw levels.... it has a sequel out now too!

anna. said...

games like rock band make girls like me feel like we're not totally worthless at video games (even though i kind of am). love this idea though. please -- let's boost killing people to a glam-rock-type-guitar-hero level : )

p.s. and liesen is planning to marry bon jovi so you should keep him in the mix.

Erin said...

Reminds me of Catherine's favorite Space Channel 5.