Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Welcome to the Ranteumptom, we got fun n' games

This is my new blog. I'm guessing that it will significantly less picture-intensive and will almost certainly be less China-intensive. It's also quite likely to be less interesting, seeing as I've reverted to a relatively boring lifestlye here in Provo. But those of you who wish to know what's going on in my life are welcome to read as I plan (plan being the key word) to update it regularly.

PS Most of my titles will be references to something or other, so if you recognize it you can earn Chris points by leaving a comment with your answer. Googling is cheating! Collect enough Chris points and earn a prize.

PPS I'm not altogether sure you can leave PS's on blogs. If it's not allowed please notify me so the blog police won't give me a ticket.

1 comment:

michael y said...

Surely you will still spice up your blog with pictures of Larababe. I gurantee that your readership will increase by at least three (which may be double what it would otherwise be).