Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Contrary to what PF may say, we do need an education

So eventually I’ll neglect this blog. That is my intention and my right as an average American bloggist. I have no desire to be a blogioso (yes I just made up that word on the spot. I’m out to beat Shakespeare’s record) and write here religiously. I’m not even going to use spellcheck for the most part. But for the next couple days I’m going to catch up on all the junk that I’ve been meaning to put on here the last couple weeks.

For those who’ve asked, here’s a brief rundown of my current classes. I think that 2.5 weeks has given me an accurate perception of what the courses will actually be like.

English 251: Literature Analysis. The most interesting thing about this class, and perhaps the only interesting thing about analyzing literature, is that my teacher is psychotic. Seriously, she’s a loon and pretty much admits this on a daily basis. Last week she told us that the great joy of being pregnant with a son is being androgynous and claiming that she has testicles. She also interrupted her own sentence last week to state “I have lesbian hair,” and proceeded to finish the thought she’d started previously. She assigned us to Gods Army 2 on a whim, canceled the decision via email, then sent us another telling us that we didn’t have to go, but that there’d be at least one question on our test about it. PSYCHO. But she keeps me awake and is therefore an excellent teacher.

Elang 223: Introduction to the English Language. Yes, I’m being introduced to the English language in my senior year. Both this and 251 are actually prerequisites to every English class I’ve taken up to this point. But I’m such a rebel that I’m taking them last. Thus far Linguistics is the knife in my eye of the semester. I alternate between being bored to death and having no idea what’s going on. Admittedly I’ve done about 1/3 of the assigned reading thus far. One of these days I’m going to catch up. That was a blatant lie.

Eng 318: Fiction Writing. This is my final English class. Taking 3 at once was a bad idea, but at this point I have no choice in the matter. I whereas I’m gritting my teeth through the other two classes, writing is actually what I enjoy, so this class is quite enjoyable.

Neuro 480: Advanced Neurobiology. This is my final Neuro class. As such it takes everything I’ve learned over the last few years and does it all over again, but with more detail. Plus we discover that a lot of the stuff we’ve learned thus far has been wrong. Everything is ten times more complex than it was initially, but also considerably more interesting. This class is with Dr. Brown, who is my favorite BYU professor. Do yourself a favor and become a Neuroscience major so you can take a couple classes from him.

Neuro 481 lab. This class is quite enjoyable as well. We get to use microscopes that cost more than your average car and dissect brain slices.

Racquetball: The coveted Raquetball class is hard to get into. The only gym classes that fill faster are bowling and scuba diving. Thus far I suck quite badly, but I knew this from my previous racquetball experience. I also should have expected as much from my previous experience sucking at every sport I’ve tried. But it’s pretty fun. I’d like it much better if it weren’t at 8 in the morning, but I have little choice with my schedule.

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Emily said...

Raquetball seems like it should be a required class for all future doctors.

PLEASE post a picture of the Lesbain hair.