Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dating Dopplepopolous

Dating. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. In Provo at least. I’m pretty sure you could live without it elsewhere. But here it’s the be-all and end-all of social interaction. But can one safely report on such behavior in a public forum such as this? What if the girl reads about your date? What if she didn’t consider it a date? What if a girl that wants to date reads about other girls? What if I look sad and pathetic to the world? This isn’t so much a hypothetical as a surety. But my final answer is providing you some information, but leaving out much of the commentary you might receive in a private communiqué.

I had 3 dates last weekend. Not bad considering I also flew to Ohio. Amazingly, I had the first 2 blind dates of my life on the same weekend. One was good, the other, not so much. The good one was good, and thus boring to write about. Suffice it to say that there will be a second. The other wasn’t so great, but certainly didn’t live up to the blind dating horror stories. I had called up a friend of mine who I hadn’t talked to in about a year. I had no particular intentions with her, but just wanted to see what was going on. We had some idle conversation for a few minutes and then she casually makes a remark about her husband. HELLO. This could have been an awkward moment, but in reality was fine. But within a minute of this discovery she mentioned how she wanted to set me up with a co-worker of hers. “I don’t need your married-person pity!” I didn’t actually say that, but the thought occurred to me. I agreed to it and we had a double date together. Double dates with married couples are always a bit odd, and this was no exception. There was nothing wrong with the girl, but we simply didn’t hit it off.

This week I kind of fell off the dating horse and only had one date. But I enjoyed it quite a bit and also think it will lead to a second. We had a meandering evening involving Chinese food, Shakespeare, hot chocolate and moustaches. In many ways she is more like me than anyone I’ve ever met. We were finishing each other’s sentences on a first date, which wasn’t so much sickly sweet as eerie. But eerie in a good way. Darn Dopplegangers. I had a couple girlcentric activities to supplement the weekend, which I consider as beneficial as dates, though the General Authorities undoubtedly wouldn’t approve of them. They were far too close to the dreaded “hanging out” syndrome that so plagues us 20-somethins. Forgive me for enjoying watching movies and making food with groups of girls instead of just one. These activities combined with studying and errand-running make for quite a full and fruitful weekend.

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