Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lexicography 101

In the grand tradition of Title IX my sister Emily feels I should only use the term ‘Chick Flick’ if I also use an equal but opposite term for the male equivalent. Unfortunately I know no such term. I’m positive that I’ve heard one that I thought was clever, but it has gone the way of my Organic Chemistry knowledge.

So if you know a snappy little term for a movie targeted exclusively for a male audience, comment and let your voice be heard. Here are some of my feeble attempts to make one:


Music of the moment: “I’m Afraid of Americans” by David Bowie & NIN
Honorable mention: “Push It” by Salt N’ Peppa, in honor of the great Nextel commercial


Ellie said...

Frat film

Puerile pic

testosterone teaser

I have always aliteration.

Emily said...

While alliteration pleases, I think rhyme is more essential for such an endeavor. Here are my attempts, although I am not satisfied with any:

male tale
Him film (that annoying near rhyme)
sick flick
himina cinema

I was really trying to figure out a "dude" one, since I believe that to be the male "chick." Couldn't.

Emily said...

I'm almost there with

guy buy