Sunday, June 11, 2006

Weekend Update

Here are some recent goings on:

I am still looking for an apartment.  I thoroughly hate looking for housing, but such is life.  I do have the nice backup that if I find absolutely nothing I find acceptable I can live at home.  I really don’t want to spend an hour a day during med school commuting, but it would certainly save me some money.  But I seem to have some pretty good prospects very near the medical school.

In addition to looking for an apartment, I now get to add on looking for a car.  I hate looking for housing, but have some experience doing so.  I have zero experience looking for a car and so am having even less fun with that.

I’ve been a generally good person as of late.  I helped a friend of mine pack up and get ready to move on Friday, then worked on some lady’s flooring for a good portion of Saturday.  Neither were very noteworthy experiences, but the lady whose floor I worked on was watching the World Cup the whole time.  If you’re going to have people working on your house for you, you should at least pretend to be otherwise occupied.

I lost my mane of black hair.  In preparation for work next week I got a hair cut.  I don’t like my short brown hair nearly as well, but I suppose it is more acceptable for customer relations.  


Emily said...

You should call the mission and see if they have any Toyotas for sale right now. See if you can get one that sisters drove.

gsw said...

Yes, find one that the sisters drove--it will be cheaper because of the body damage.