Saturday, June 17, 2006

I may seriously have brain damage

This is how bad my facial recognition is: I didn’t realize that Hugh Laurie played both House and George from Blackadder until yesterday. Although I only recently started watching House, it’s probably in my top 30 TV shows, as is Blackadder. Or it could just be that Hugh is a darn fine actor.


Anne said...

I do believe that Hugh Laurie plays a character in all of the various Blackadder series. You should also check out the Jeeves and Wooster series where he plays Bertie Wooster.

lindsay said...

Come on Chris you didn't figure it out when I said oh, there's Hugh Laurie from Sense and Sensibility and 101 dalmations! Okay so I don't think those were my exact words, but I remember commenting on how weird it was to see him be so silly after seeing him play the straight man in so many movies.