Friday, June 02, 2006

Necare Tempum

Need some random websites to go visit?  I thought so.  Here’s some random stuff I’ve located relatively recently.

This video makes me feel bad about how I use my free time.  Perhaps these guys made this clip as part of their livelihood, but I imagine it as a side project that ate away a year worth of weekends.

Watch the Secret-War Reenactment Society.  This is funnier if you know what the Secret War was, but I think anyone should be entertained.

All the webnerds have seen this already, but if my blog is as nerdy as you get, go check it out.  By far the best juggling I’ve ever seen.

There a bajillion videos on this site, about a third of which are funny.

This site is really fun.  Just type in your favorite band and it will find a bunch of groups that are similar.  

Good luck wasting time.

Song of the moment: “For What It’s Worth” Buffalo Springfield.


ellie said...

Last post for me--good luck.

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