Monday, June 26, 2006

Not Dead Yet

Oh what a sad thing to see a blog lie fallow. Unfortunately for all of you, writing in my blog is relatively low on my daily priority list. So many things need to be done, and this is not one of them. Here’s a bit of an update.

Of course the biggest event of the last week has been my new job. The life of a pharmacy technician is not the most exciting, but I suppose it’s a way to live. It’s actually quite tiring. Not so much physically, though I am standing in front of a window and sorting through drugs and files for 8 hours a day. But dealing with people all day can be quite exhausting. And not just people: sick, old, non-English-speaking people. I realize of course that doctors must deal with this exact set of people, especially since they very often come straight from the doctor’s office to my window, but I hope it will be easier then. This may be wishful thinking. In any case I arrive home around 6 and usually need an hour or two to recuperate. This means that my YMCA attendance has dropped quite dramatically in the last week. But I’m progressively getting more and more done in my evening hours.

I went car shopping on Saturday for about 6 hours, which was not the best experience of my life. I found many vehicles that I would like to own, and many that I was financially capable of buying, but none that matched both criteria. The activity would probably have been more productive if I actually knew what car I wanted. I’ve currently narrowed my list down to about a dozen, which means I only have to visit ¾ of the car dealerships in town. Here are my current “top” choices:

Honda Accord or Civic
Toyota Carolla, Camry, Echo or Matrix
Mazda Protégé, 6 or 3
Subaru Imprezza or Outback Sport

To add to my fun evenings I’m also trying to find a place to live in Columbus so I can go down there this weekend and check out my different options. I’m starting to look forward to a couple months from now when all I have to do is study.

Song of the moment: “It Ain’t Me Babe” Johnny Cash


Amy-Alisa said...

I do not know much about cars, but I was going to suggest a Honda Accord. I hear that Hondas are extremely reliable. And I had a room=mate whose family only bought Hondas. Are you picky about color?

Emily said...

I rented a Toyota Echo once and liked it EXCEPT that the instruments that are normally located directly behind the steering wheel (and in front of your eyes) were instead in the middle of the dashboard (just above the radio, etc)! I don't know if all the models are like that or not, but I did not get used to it the week I had it.

Catherine Elizabeth said...

I have to vote for the Mazda Protege out of loyalty for Diva5