Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Stamp collecting

I was going to post something, then realized it was immensely nerdy, and that my last post was immensely nerdy, and the quantity of nerdiness would have caused my blog to implode. Much like that previous sentence. So tomorrow you’ll get an immensely nerdy post, and today only a moderately nerdy one.

Hobby updates:

1. Watching movies – I successfully saw most of the Oscar movies. I may get around to The Kids are Alright or 127 Hours still, but I wouldn’t count on it. My next cinema goal is finally watching Twin Peaks. I need motivation, so if you’re living in Phoenix and want to watch Twin Peaks, let me know.

2. Making movies - My next movie is written, but it needs some work. I’m going to clean it up over the next couple weeks, then I’m going to send it out for some punch up. So if you’re interested in doing some punch up, let me know. This will probably appeal most to the people who know what punch up is. Because I’ll be out of town for half of April, filming will probably occur in May.

3. Trivia – After our triumphant victory earlier this year, we have failed to make it into the top 3 in subsequent outings. But last week we only got 3 questions wrong all night, which I counted as a success. Plus we had fun, so I guess that’s important too. But if you know where Dirty Dancing was set, where 12% of teenagers first have intercourse or who the first two dogs inducted into the Animal Hall of Fame, you should come to trivia with us.

4. Travel – It’s March, which means I’m going to Thailand next month. Sweet. I guess I could’ve written a post about the whens/whys/whatnots regarding that trip, but I’ll do that some other time, preferably before April.

5. Napping – I read the other day that the human brain may function better with two 4 hour periods of sleep a day rather than one 8 hour period. Which may explain why I enjoy 4 hour naps.

I think it would be funny if you said your hobby was stamp collecting, but your actual hobby was taking pictures of tramp stamps and then scrapbooking those pictures. In fact that would make a great coffee table book. If you want to do that and give me 10% of the proceeds, I support you.

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