Monday, March 14, 2011

Ambiguously Gay Weekend

Squeeky Pete came down to Phoenix for the weekend. I’m a notoriously bad long distance friend/friend/person so we haven’t really spoken much after 4 years of doing most everything in tandem, but he had a couple days to kill and Phoenix is admittedly better than Ogden.

Because we lived together for 4 years, and went to school together, to church together, to most social events together, and on some dates together, it had sometimes been joked that we were, in fact, together. Sadly, we’re both heterosexuals, we’re just not terribly good at it. But as if to defy people to believe that we in fact like women, we spent the day together, enjoying stereotypically homosexual activities.

We started by going out to breakfast together at US Egg. At least it wasn’t brunch. But it was actually pretty great, especially the protein pancakes. On the way back to my place we happened across the Scottsdale Art Festival. And being an ambiguously gay duo, we decided to spend the next couple hours at the art show. I came across some pieces I quite liked, but decided not to buy anything until I actually have an office in which to put them, which will be in another year.

After the art show, we went to a musical. Not even a manly drama, a musical. Though, it was Avenue Q, so it was hardly a girly musical. I’d seen it before in NYC, and thought the local troupe did a great job. Other than a couple slight prop blips and a little bit of toned-down dialogue, it was just as good as the original production.

We did try to be at least a little bit social and went to our ward activity. There we enjoyed the company of women, some tense pinewood derby races, and our daily dose of white trash hair metal. We didn’t stay too long as we went to The Adjustment Bureau shortly thereafter, which I wouldn’t qualify as stereotypically gay or straight. It was however an interesting, if flawed, film.

Anyway, that was my ambiguous weekend. I should point out that Squeeky is now back in Utah, so any women in Arizona who would like to take his place on similar days of brunch, art, musicals (and pinewood derbies) are welcome to apply.

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katielizabethawkes said...

i really wish the squeeky nickname had come out sooner so we could've used it in conjunction with "the doctor formerly known as Chris." also, props on "we're just not terribly good at it." i laughed.