Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad Omens at the Barbershop

1. I walked in and there was no wait. DUH duh DUHHH. Shows how popular the place is.

2. After inquiring about what I wanted done, the cutperson’s opening line was “Man, technology these days huh?” Clearly I was going to have write a thesis of small talk with this guy.

3. During the haircut a 70 year old guy walks past points to my in process haircut and says to his stylist “I’ll have what he’s having.” That’s right, I’m a trendsetter for 70 year olds.

4. My haircut winds down with a conversation about how my stylist was recently fired from his job . . . in construction. Guess Bob the Builder is looking for extra tip.

You might take these bad omens to mean I got a bad haircut. Because I’m hair-blind, I don’t know if that is the case. And since people universally compliment haircuts, I’ll never know.

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