Saturday, March 06, 2010

Oscar Druthers

I don't actually watch award shows. I can't really conceive of an award show that I'd watch. I think even if I were nominated I'd have a hard time watching one.

But, I've included who I'd like to win below. I'm guessing my choices will have a very low success rate.

Picture – Up in the Air (really great. maybe because I've spent 60 or so hours on planes the last couple months)

Director – Jason Reitman, but props to Kathryn Bigelow

Actor – No one. Sorry guys.

Actress – Carey Mulligan

Supporting Actor – Woody Harrelson/Christoph Waltz
- Note- Woody Harrelson wins for Zombieland, not The Messenger.

Supporting Actress – Penelope Cruz (though I suspect Mo’Nique did better. I just didn’t see that one)

Screenplay – Hurt Locker

Adapted screenplay – In the Loop

Animated – Fantastic Mr. Fox (and also Coraline)

Animated short – A Matter of Loaf and Death

Original Score – Avatar

Sound Editing – Hurt Locker

Art Direction – Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

Editing - District 9

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