Monday, March 22, 2010


Why yes, I am addicted to Wendy's new Apple Pecan salad. Thanks for asking.

Who could have foreseen this turn of events? I'm far far far from a rabbit food fanatic (any musicians out there should write a song Far Far Far From a Rabbit Food Fanatic) but on a whim/decision to kill myself a little more slowly at the drive-thru I got one of these salads. And then returned for 2 more of them within the next 7 days.

On an unrelated note, both of the Wendy's which I most frequently frequent (in the hospital and by my house) now have plasma screen menus. It's like living in the future. If they still have Wendy's in the future.

On a related note, if you're in the market to become addicted to other fast food, Burger King's Tendercrisp sandwich is delicious, and Taco Bell's new shrimp taco isn't. Shocker.

I'm sad that my last 2 posts have at least mentioned Wendy's. I promise my next one won't. Not even if I see the ghost of Dave Thomas.

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anna. said...

my current addictions: mcdonald's strawberry banana smoothies (since i magically inherited a billion FREE COUPONS), white cheddar popcorn and strawberry orange sunrise yoplait yogurt.

and, strangely enough...imagine dragons.