Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've made a huge mistake

I like each of my movies to be different. Whether in structure or content, actors or scripting. It’s not that I think I’ve mastered the previous form, I just like to change things up. But this time, I’ve made a huge mistake.

The movie parodies various television shows. The three main shows are How I Met Your Mother, The Office and Arrested Development. I chose these shows quite intentionally. Mostly I chose them because they have distinct styles and colorful characters that I’d be able to successfully reproduce. I also chose them because they’re shows I generally respect; why would I spend a month reproducing Two Guys and Girl and a Pizza Place. But I didn’t really take into account that Barney Stinson, Michael Scott and Tobias Funke don’t mix well with conservative religious audiences.

Oh well. I’m leaving in a couple months anyway.

If you’d like to critique the script (especially if you’re familiar with the above shows) let me know and I’d be grateful for your aid.

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Paul said...

I'd love to get a peek at the script. It sounds fun. Email me