Saturday, March 20, 2010

My 4 year plan

In case you hadn’t heard, Match Day was Thursday.

In June I’ll be a Mesan (ie my new job is in Mesa.) Thinking of it as another 4 years of school is kind of depressing, so I’m thinking of it as a job. I do receive a meager paycheck after all.

Me, living in Arizona. This is not how I imagined my life. But how I imagined my life included being married at 23, having a big screen and a flying car; so things were never going to turn out as planned. Don’t get me wrong, Mesa was my number one choice. I carefully weighed my options, and it won.

Pros – Hipster girls, frequent entertainment of all types, excellent psychoanalysis programs, being the center of the world
Cons – Public transportation, high cost of living, snooty programs, winter

Pros – Great/familiar psych program, good friends, lots of Wendys
Cons – Let’s not be negative

Pros - 8 months of nice weather, great psych program, relaxed vibe, mini-Provo, large but not too large city, good cost of living, I have a sunglasses fetish, Diet Dr Pepper at every drive-through
Cons – 4 months of living on the sun, Arizona girls?

So, Arizona certainly seemed to win. I like air conditioning, so hopefully that mitigates the burning temperatures. Eastcoast girls seem to have a negative opinion of Arizona girls, but I don’t have a clear idea of what that stereotype entails. But regardless, there seem to be girls hanging from the rafters out there, so I suspect I can find a handful I find palatable. So while I had never imagined myself moving to Arizona, by my very thorough and scientific rubric, it seems like it will be a good fit.


Anonymous said...

What a Mesa.

Michelle! said...

Does this make you a Cowboy of Moo Mesa?

Jewelz said...

You're funny. Nice blog~ good luck in Mesa. :)

peetie said...

Palatable? Seriously?