Monday, October 05, 2009

How could this happen?

Rotten Tomatoes recently released their worst 100 movies of the last decade.

I've only seen one of the movies.

How could this happen? I tried folks, I really did. When a trailer comes out and the film looks truly awful, I always turn to my neighbor and say "Opening Night." Admittedly, I rarely follow through, but 1/100? I'm ashamed.

Of course you want to know. The answer is Corky Romano. And I have to tell you, it wasn't that bad of a movie. A bad movie certainly, but not a horrible movie. Okay, it was horrible. But not horrible horrible. Not enjoyably horrible. And I guess that's why it got on the list.


[clandestine images] said...

ok i went through the list and i have seen 4 of those movies:
THE NEW GUY- definitely deserving of its place on the list, however, I LOVE this movie. so many inside jokes spawned from this film.
DRAGONFLY- i liked this one too. kinda creepy but i liked it.
DATE MOVIE- ok this film was misunderstood. lets face it, most women can not appreciate this type of humor and any man that could hasn't seen enough chick flicks to really understand the puns. i laughed through the whole thing.
GOOD LUCK CHUCK- who cares if it was dumb?! it had dane cook AND jessica alba. i could spend 2 hours of my life watching those two beautiful people any day.

does that mean i have bad taste?

Ranteumptom said...

You'd convinced me up until Dane Cook. No quantity of Jessica Alba can get me to watch Dane Cook. Okay, that's probably a lie.

esodhiambo said...

Shucks--I haven't seen any of those. I can see that not seeing any horror, action, or lampoon movies was a real set back. I should mend my ways. Or not.

BTW--Ben Kingsly was in a surprising number of these.